October 22, 2020 0 Comments 360 Wellness, Productivity Hacking

How to burn extra calories in your daily life?

When people think of ways to lose and maintain weight, the most recommended route is to follow a complete training program supported by a balanced diet.

While these are highly effective at burning calories, there are complementary ways that can help in the process of burning more calories every day. After all, the old-fashioned way of burning extra calories is simply by moving more.

Here are some ways to add exercises and habits that can burn extra calories in your everyday life:

Commuting on Foot or Biking Burns Calories

Leave your car at home. While also helping reducing air pollution and being sustainable, going green on your commute can have a significant impact in your daily calories burn.

If you’re not in a rush, walk as much as you can! Biking to work also is becoming popular in most cities, and that endorphin boost in the morning is great to reduce anxiety and depression. 

Some other small things you can do are to take the stairs instead of the elevator and get off in an earlier stop when taking public transportation so you can walk the rest of the way. If you really need to drive, then choose to park at the far end in the parking lot.

Ways to Burn Calories at Work

Most people spend most of their time at work during the week, and if you work in an office, a great portion of it will be sitting down at a desk for long periods, which is not good for your back and blood circulation.

You should be looking for as many opportunities to stand up as you can. It can be during a phone call, while eating lunch, or if you can, get a standing desk, so you can do most of your work standing up.

Take a break whenever you’re not feeling well and build a habit of doing body stretching routines every once in a while. Your future self will surely thank you for that! 

Ways to Burn Calories at Home

If you cannot afford a gym membership, there are many ways you can do exercises at home. Calisthenics is an entire fitness field that focus on bodyweight exercises.

Inspired by the ancient Greeks, the calisthenics workout is comprised of running, pushing, standing, jumping, and grasping routines that provide great muscular and aerobic conditioning benefits, and can improve your balance, coordination and agility as well.

Many household chores are beneficial towards calories burning. Mopping the floor and vacuuming can burn as much as 400 calories each in a week! Doing the laundry and ironing can burn 700 calories per week. 

Despite being usually overlooked, good amount of sleep is recommended if you’re doing any kind of exercise. Studies found out that sleep deprivation can influence how easily you lose weight when controlling your calories. When not getting enough rest, your metabolism is changed, increasing the appetite hormones and consequentially increasing weight gain.

Click here for more hobbies that burn calories that you never thought of but can considerably help burn those extra calories every day. Please always refer to a doctor and a fitness instructor before attempting any form of physical exercise.