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Add Sparkle this Summer with Strawberry Pop Rock Popsicles

When the heat turns up, reaching for an ice-pop is the only thing to do in order to get that temperature down and kids love nothing better than a fresh made ice-pop. This is the recipe which we have for you today, a cooling and zingy pop which is going to drive the kids wild and help them to stay cool no matter what temperature there is outside. In reality there is no month in particular for eating these delicious ice pops, and kids need no reason to indulge themselves in a sweet and cool treat.

These ice pops are super simple to make and they will absolutely melt in the mouth, let’s take a look at how to put them together.


The ingredients for the ice pop are very simple, all you will need is some fresh strawberries, 3/4 packs of strawberry pop rocks to give this ice pop some real pizzazz, and some sparkling water, which also gives a real crackle when you put the ice pop in your mouth. You could opt for some lemons and sparkling water if you wish to really give the flavors a boost


First we need to clean and hull the strawberries, and then chop them up into quarters. Once you have chopped up the strawberries, place them in a blender with the water and give it a whizz until it has formed a strawberry paste. This is what will form the ice pop so the next step is to take some ice pop moulds and slowly spoon in the puree, leaving a little bit of space at the top of the mould.

Place the moulds in the freezer for around 2-3 hours, this will give the puree more than enough time to freeze solid. Once you remove an ice pop from the freezer, dip the top of the pop into the bag of pop rocks and then lick away, allowing those tasty rocks to explode in the mouth, a full sensory experience.

If all the ice pops are not going to be eaten right away, they should be removed from the moulds and placed into some plastic wrapping, and then returned to the freezer. Avoid dipping the ice pops which will be stored into the pop rocks, it is far better to do that when the time comes to eat them.

If you can’t get your hands on some of the ingredients then you can always switch out the seltzer for some normal mineral water, you could use raspberries instead of strawberries and the pop rocks can be replaced with any kind of powdered candy, anything which will add a touch of zing and some extra flavor.

If anyone out there plans to make these pops then as usual we would ask that you send in your snaps of you making them as we love to watch how you guys get on with our recipes. Next time the sunshine is out, head for the strawberries and create these delicious ice pops.