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DIY Rainbow Paper Lanterns

The internet is awash with amazing creations and craft ideas which moms can do with their kids and we wish to contribute to that collection with something of our own. Today we bring you these amazing DIY rainbow paper lanterns, delightful creations which moms will love making with their kids, and which kids will also love making with their moms.

The lanterns are easy to make and there are so many ways in which they can be customized and personalized. The next time there is a rainy day, gather the goods and enjoy making a cool and colorful lantern. Here are the materials which are needed and the directions to make these wonderful little lanterns.


It is more than likely that parents will already have these materials in the house, especially if the kids love doing crafts, if not then they can easily be picked up from a grocery store, or from a craft shop.

  • construction paper in various colors
  • scissors
  • glue or glue stick
  • washi tape

Directions to Make The Lantern

Once all the materials have been collected together it is time to start making these gorgeous lanterns so let’s take a look at a quick step-by-step guide on how to put them together.

  • Start by folding a sheet of paper, any color is fine, and fold the sheet of paper in half, vertically
  • Cutting from the fold, use scissors to place slits along the fold, make them around 3/4 the way from the fold to the edge of the paper
  • Open the paper back out and place it on a table vertically, squirt some glue on to the top of the sheet and the bottom of the sheet and then re-fold the paper, sticking it to itself
  • Next take a sheet of paper and cut a piece around 2 inches thick, this is going to serve as the handle of the lantern
  • Squirt glue on each end of the handle and then place in the inside of the paper lantern and allow it to dry
  • Once the lantern has dried, take some colored pencils, pens, stickers and badges and give the lantern the personalized touch
  • Once you have completed one lantern, follow the same steps and make more using different colors, for that amazing rainbow effect
  • Finally take some string and hang up all the lanterns together so that you get that cool look of a rainbow

As you can see this is a very easy craft activity to do with the kids and although it is simple to put together, it doesn’t mean that the final result doesn’t look great, on the contrary in fact. The best bit about these rainbow lanterns is thatchy really don’t need much by way of materials, just some paper, some glue and some scissors, and away you go, a great idea and a fun activity for those gloomy days when kids can’t get out and play as they would like to. Feel free to send in shots of your lanterns that you have made with the kids.