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Get Engaged and Put Me in the Story

Getting kids engaged in reading is not always as easy as it should be, yet it is absolutely essential that parents do find ways in which to get their kids actively engaged and genuinely interested in reading. Not only is this a fun activity for kids, it is also one which is educational and the sooner that you are able to get them reading, the more they will be able to learn and the  more enjoyment they will be able to have.

One of the best ways to get kids involved is through a company called Put Yourself in the Story, customizable books which are designed to feature your kids and their family within the fictional tale which they happen to be reading. This is a great idea for so many reasons and this is why putting yourself in the story will have such a great impact on your child.


The biggest impact this is going to have on your child’s life is that they will feel included in what they are reading about and they will love reading about their family and themselves. What is even better about these tales is that they are all made up, it is just the characters which your child will recognize. What this means is that your kids won’t know what the family is going to be up to next, and so it encourages them to turn the page, in doing so they will enjoy reading more and they will get more practice.

Blurred Lines

What these books do so well is blur the line between reality and fiction, which is exactly the place that most of our kids live anyway. Essentially you will be bringing the story to your kid’s environment where they feel comfortable, and that again will ensure that they keep on picking up that book, practicing and learning to love reading.


This company has an enormous range of stories and books which you can put yourself into and that means that in reality there are almost limitless options for your kids. The children will never get bored with these books and stories because there are just so many variations, and in each story a different adventure will be had. If this was a one off then you may find that your child will get a bit bored after reading it through, when you can offer up another story however, your kid can keep the fun and the adventure going and most importantly, keep the fun going.

Whether your child enjoys reading or not, buying a book like this which puts both them and you into the story is only going to make them fall in love with reading more. It is not just the kids who love this type of story however, many parents have left comments speaking on how much they love reading these stories to their kids as well. Make bedtime that little bit more fun and entertaining with a Put Yourself in the Story book.