May 21, 2020 0 Comments Productivity Hacking

6 Life Hacks Which Will Boost Your Productivity

Being more productive is the art of getting more things done in your life, helping you to feel calmer, more relaxed and absolutely more organized. When we drill down what we actually do in our day, it is very easy to become frustrated with the fact that we haven’t achieved more, despite the fact that most of us have at least 16 hours each and every day to play with. In order to boost productivity, there are some very easy life hacks which can be employed, that will help to achieve more each and every day.

Calling on the Way

With so many people to stay in touch with such as friends and family it can often feel that we just don’t have the time to keep in touch. To remedy this we need to rely on our traveling time to connect with our nearest and dearest. If there is a 30 minute commute to be made, that is 2 calls which can easily be made to friends and family, each and every day.

Turn Off Notifications

Notifications on phones and tablets seem like a smart idea because it means we can keep our fingers on the pulse as to what is happening in the world. Unfortunately however, they actually damage our productivity and offer a massive distraction when we are trying to focus. Turn off the notifications and watch productivity soar.

Early Bird

My grandfather always said that an hour before 9 is worth two afterwards, and he was absolutely right. Getting up early helps in a number of ways, initially there is the mindset which you adopt when you wake up as the day begins, a feeling of clear headedness and a positive attitude that the whole day is ahead of you. Getting up early also gives the chance to get a jump on the day, clear the email inbox before it starts popping again and prepare yourself well for the day ahead.

Email Day

Having a full inbox can be a nightmare especially if a lot of it is junk or unwanted promo stuff. This is why you should dedicate a single day to doing nothing else but clearing that inbox and unsubscribing from companies who you don’t wish to hear from. This is a painful job but one which will significantly boost productivity.

Eat The Frog

Eating the Frog is the term which is used to refer two getting those hard jobs out the way early on in the day, rather than putting it off until the last thing. This came from a book by Bran Tracy which was all about productivity and getting that job which you really don’t want to do out of the way when you first get up is the perfect way to attack the day, and feel more productive as the day goes on.

Two Minute Rule

The two minute rule is a real game changer and it will help to gobble up small jobs in no time at all. When sitting down writing out a to-do list, if there are any jobs which can be achieved in less than 2 minutes, do them there and then. These jobs can weigh heavy on your mind despite the fact that they are so small, so executing them when they come up is the perfect way to clear your mind and be more productive.

Simple life hacks which make a huge difference to productivity.