June 14, 2020 0 Comments Financial Freedom, Productivity Hacking

Traveling Light, Save Money With Hand Luggage Only

Many think that a traveler’s life is an expensive one but the reality is that it really doesn’t have to be. In fact there are a wide array of hacks which can be applied to traveling which can help save big bucks on trips around the world. From hotel hacks to booking hacks, there are loads of ways to save money on travel and when it comes to flights… one of the best ways to save big is traveling with hand luggage only. I can hear all of you ladies out there wincing at the thought of only one pair of shoes, limited makeup and multi-purpose clothing, but for a small amount of sacrifice you can save big cash on your travels.

Not So Hard

At first it may sound scary, the notion of only taking a very small suitcase with you on your flight, but the reality is that it is really much more simple than you may believe. The size restrictions are actually very generous and the large majority of airlines allow a small suitcase and an item such as a handbag, or if you are smart a medium sized rucksack or supercargo handbag. There are some challenges around shoes and toiletries of course, but they can be overcome pretty simply.

Cost Saving

You may not think that the difference is going to be that great in terms of price, but you will be amazed at just how big a saving can be made. Airlines understand that weight means more fuel and slower flights, both of which result in additional costs. What the airlines are therefore doing is bringing down the overall weight of the planes in order to increase speed and reduce fuel costs, and they then pass that saving on to the customers who are happy to fly hand luggage only.


Something you will notice very quickly once you decide to travel with just hand luggage is the speed by which you will get in and out of the airport. As any of you will know, when you go traveling you just want to get to your destination rather than hanging around at the airport waiting for your suitcase. When you travel with hand luggage only, you can simply walk right off the plane, sail through customs and enjoy your travels as soon as possible.

The average cost saving which you can expect to make when you travel with hand luggage only is around 25%. What this may give you the benefit of doing is taking hand luggage to your destination and then paying a small fee to bring back a suitcase in the hold, enabling you to bring items back from your travels. The extra cost for this extra bag will pail in comparison to how much you have saved on your ticket in the first place.

Why not give this a try the next time that you go traveling? You’ll be amazed at how easy it is and how much money you can save.