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Keys to Creating Your Very Own Herb Garden

There is something incredibly rewarding about heading off into your very own garden to select some freshly grown ingredients, and you don’t have to be an expert gardener in order to make that a reality. One of the simplest options for home gardening is a herb patch, an easy to maintain area of the garden which will provide ingredients to be used in the kitchen all year round.

When putting herb garden in place, there are some key points which must be considered and today we are going to take a deeper look into what the amateur gardener should be thinking about when they install a herb patch.

Research and Mint

Whilst the large majority of herbs need to be looked after in the same way, there are some which may require a slightly different amount of sunshine, soil or water, which is why research is always a great idea. For the most part, the commonly used herbs in the kitchen like basil, cilantro, parsley and thyme, can all be treated the same. There is a watch out which everyone should  be aware of however, and that is mint, a great herb to grow but one which will very quickly kill the others in the patch and before you know it you’ll have a garden full of just mint. Always ensure that mint is planted on its own.


Whilst fertilizer can help the plants to grow better, it is important that anyone growing a herb patch doesn’t go overboard with the fertilizer. The risk here is that too much fertilizer will mean an abundance of growth and that will result in large foliage which has poor taste quality.

Baby Steps

Instead of going to and grabbing 10 herbs to plant in the garden, it makes far more sense to keep it small and manageable in the beginning. Taking baby steps with this will help growers to understand and learn more about how to grow plants and how to tend to them. Once a grower feels confident with one or two herbs, they can gradually add more to the patch.

Keep Them In Sight

Always look for an open area of the garden for the herbs and a neat trick is to have the herb patch in view, if possible, from the kitchen. Busy lives mean that it is very easy to forget to water the plants or give them a clip, which is why having them in plain sight will act as a nice reminder to both tend to your herb garden, and use it.

Whilst herbs are easy to grow it is important not to become discouraged if things do quite go to plan. There are always anomalies which can occur such as soil problems or pests, the key will be learning what has gone wrong and seeking to do better next time. Once a grower has cracked the code however, they will be able to count on some delicious and fresh herbs right from garden to plate in a matter of seconds.