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DIY Gold Glitter Lace Crown Headband {Tutorial}

As many of you know, we absolutely love some DIY fashion here at BeingMVP.com and today we have a gorgeous little piece which can be made with kids that will fully entertain them and leave them looking absolutely fabulous. What we are going to make today is a do it yourself headband with a  gorgeous crown on the top which will make your kids feel like the kings and queens that they are.

This is a job which will take around an hour to complete, the supplies are simple to get hold of and the result looks absolutely incredible. Kids will love both making and wearing this crown, so let’s take a look at exactly how to put it together.


Here are the materials which you will need for your gold crown headband:

Roll of Lace about 2 inch high
Gold Glitter Spray Paint
Gold Spray Paint
Skinny gold headband
Saran Wrap / Wax paper
Fabric Stiffener
Hot Glue Gun / Crazy Glue

Putting it Together

Start off by cutting the lace to the size that you want, the idea here will be that that the lace will form a circle and that will the crown, so play around a little to see what kind of size you are happy with, around 10cm should be enough. Once you have cut the lace to desired size, use some fabric stiffener to give it some sturdiness and glue one end of the lace to the other. Once this is done, set to one side.

Once the crown has dried, it is time to turn it into the gorgeous crown that your kids deserve. This is a relatively simple paint job using golden paint and some glitter which you must remember to put on whilst the paint is still wet. You can get glitter spray paint too if you want to make your life a little bit easier.

Now we need to attach this gorgeous crown onto a headband so that it can be worn, the best choice here is a very thin and preferably dark colored headband, this way it will be almost unnoticeable and you will be able to see the crown in all of its glory.

You may find it tricky getting the crown onto the headband, you will need some strong glue and probably a lot of patience. One idea which we have seen done well is sliding the headband through the crown itself, and then simply adding a small amount of glue to hold it in place. If you opt for the latter idea then be sure to bear this in mind when cutting the lace, being a little more generous with how much you take for the crown.

Finally, slide the headband over your son or daughter’s head and let them go off to be the royalty that they believe they are. If you really want to give them the full look, you could also add a cape and spray a long cardboard roll gold.